Level 3 Binned of OCTS (ADEOS) Data Processing


Level 3 Binned:Binned data (GAC) Level 3 Binned data generates bin data for one day by time and special sampling of level 2 data. Storing supplemental information such as 3 kinds of bin information, physical quantity of ocean color, vegetation index and sea surface temperature, scene information and others. There are 4 products corresponding to the integration periods of each day, weekly, monthly and yearly. OC:Ocean color,bin information VI:vegetation index ST:sea surface temperature





ファイル識別子 ND01036
メタデータ規格 JMP2.0
主題分類 環境
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文字集合 utf8
日付 2001-10-01
言語 英語
記述的キーワード [{"keyword": ["CLOUD ELIMINATION", "SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE", "SPLIT WINDOW"], "type": "001"}, {"keyword": ["ADEOS", "OCTS", "CURRENT OF KUROSHIO"], "type": "005"}, {"keyword": "Level 3 Binned", "type": "003"}, {"keyword": "EAST CHINA SEA", "type": "002"}]
識別情報-文字集合 utf8
識別情報-範囲1-地理要素1 {"EX_GeographicDescription": {"geographicIdentifier": {"code": "Global"}}}
識別情報-範囲1-時間要素1 {"EX_TemporalExtent": {"extent": {"beginEnd": {"begin": "1996-08-17", "end": "1997-06-30"}}}}
識別情報-言語 英語
配布情報 {"MD_Distribution": {"distributionFormat": {"MD_Format": [{"name": "HDF", "version": "不明"}, {"name": "SKINNY", "version": "不明"}, {"name": "CEOS format", "version": "不明"}]}, "transferOptions": {"MD_DigitalTransferOptions": {"onLine": {"linkage": "http://www.eoc.nasda.go.jp/homepage.html"}, "offLine": {"name": "019", "mediumNote": "MO, DAT, CCT, D1, 8mm Data Cartridge Tape, CD-ROM"}}}}}
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