3A-25 of PR (TRMM) Data Processing


3A-25 processing is to compute the monthly average of rain parameter in lon./lat. 5繧忸 5繧徨egions using 1C21, 2A21, 2A23, and 2A25. The representative outputs are monthly average of rain rate (mm/h) in lon./lat. 5繧忸 5繧徨egions at 5 altitude layers (2 km, 4 km, 6 km, 10 km and 15 km) and at path average, and monthly average rain rate (mm/h) in lon./lat. 5繧忸 5繧徨egions at 3 layers (2 km, 4 km, 6 km) and path average. Additionally, probability of rain parameters, average, standard deviation, histograms and correlation coefficients of rain parameters are output.





spatial {"type": "Polygon", "coordinates": [[[-180.0, -35.0], [-180.0, 35.0], [180.0, 35.0], [180.0, -35.0]]]}
ファイル識別子 ND01030
メタデータ規格 JMP2.0
主題分類 環境
問合せ先(責任者) {"organisationName": "Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)", "contactInfo": {"phone": {"voice": "+81-49-298-1307", "facsimile": "+81-49-298-1398"}, "address": {"deliveryPoint": "1401 Numanoue, Ohashi", "city": "Hatoyama-machi, Hiki-gun", "administrativeArea": "Saitama", "postalCode": "350-0302", "country": "jpn", "electronicMailAddress": "orderdesk@eoc.jaxa.jp"}, "onlineResource": {"linkage": "http://www.eoc.jaxa.jp/", "description": "JAXA Earth Observation Center (EOC) Web site"}, "hoursOfService": "For inquiries hours: 9:30 to 17:45 (Japan Standard Time) on Monday through Friday", "contactInstructions": "If there are any questions, please contact us by e-mail."}, "role": "001"}
文字集合 utf8
日付 2005-01-21
言語 英語
記述的キーワード [{"keyword": "TRMM", "type": "005"}, {"keyword": "PR", "type": "005"}, {"keyword": "3A-25", "type": "003"}, {"keyword": "CLOUD", "type": "001"}, {"keyword": "RAIN", "type": "001"}]
識別情報-文字集合 utf8
識別情報-範囲1-地理要素1 {"EX_GeographicBoundingBox": {"extentReferenceSystem": {"code": "WGS84 / (B,L)"}, "westBoundLongitude": "-180", "eastBoundLongitude": "180", "southBoundLatitude": "-35", "northBoundLatitude": "35"}, "EX_GeographicDescription": {"geographicIdentifier": {"code": "Global"}}}
識別情報-範囲1-時間要素1 {"EX_TemporalExtent": {"extent": {"beginEnd": {"begin": "1997-12-16", "end": "2004-12-31"}}}}
識別情報-言語 英語
配布情報 {"MD_Distribution": {"distributionFormat": {"MD_Format": {"name": "HDF", "version": "4.0r2"}}, "transferOptions": {"MD_DigitalTransferOptions": [{"offLine": {"name": "002"}}, {"offLine": {"name": "001"}}, {"offLine": {"name": "012"}}, {"offLine": {"name": "014", "mediumNote": "Available to 0nly Registrated User"}}, {"onLine": {"linkage": "http://www.eoc.jaxa.jp/", "description": "Available to 0nly Registrated User"}}]}}}
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