Level 1A of OCTS (ADEOS) Data Processing


Level 1A:Uncorrected Image product(GAC,LAC,RTC) Level 1A data is the data set selected from receiving data (level 0). Adding radiometric correction coefficients required for data correction (each bands, each pixels) and geometric correction information. Furthermore, storing supplemental information, such as the telemetry of OCTS, quality information, the sun vector, scene information and others. Product Data Type VN : VNIR ( band 1, band 8 ) TI : TIR ( band 9, band 12 )





ファイル識別子 ND01032
メタデータ規格 JMP2.0
主題分類 環境
問合せ先(責任者) {"organisationName": "NASDA", "contactInfo": {"phone": {"voice": "+81-0492-98-1307"}, "address": {"deliveryPoint": "1401 NUMANOUE OHASHI", "city": "HIKI-GUN,HATOYAMA-MACHI", "administrativeArea": "SAITAMA-KEN", "postalCode": "350-0302", "country": "jpn", "electronicMailAddress": "orderdesk@eoc.nasda.go.jp"}, "onlineResource": {"linkage": "http://www.eoc.nasda.go.jp/homepage.html"}, "hoursOfService": "9:20-17:35 (JAPAN STANDARD TIME)"}, "role": "007"}
文字集合 utf8
日付 2001-10-01
言語 英語
記述的キーワード [{"keyword": ["CLOUD ELIMINATION", "CURRENT OF KUROSHIO", "SEA SURFACE TEMPERATURE", "SPLIT WINDOW"], "type": "001"}, {"keyword": ["ADEOS", "OCTS", "LEVEL 1A"], "type": "005"}, {"keyword": "EAST CHINA SEA", "type": "002"}]
識別情報-文字集合 utf8
識別情報-範囲1-地理要素1 {"EX_GeographicDescription": {"geographicIdentifier": {"code": "Global"}}}
識別情報-範囲1-時間要素1 {"EX_TemporalExtent": {"extent": {"beginEnd": {"begin": "1996-08-17", "end": "1997-06-30"}}}}
識別情報-言語 英語
配布情報 {"MD_Distribution": {"distributionFormat": {"MD_Format": [{"name": "HDF", "version": "不明"}, {"name": "SKINNY", "version": "不明"}, {"name": "CEOS format", "version": "不明"}]}, "transferOptions": {"MD_DigitalTransferOptions": {"onLine": {"linkage": "http://www.eoc.nasda.go.jp/homepage.html"}, "offLine": {"name": "019", "mediumNote": "MO, DAT, CCT, D1, 8mm Data Cartridge Tape, CD-ROM"}}}}}
階層レベル データ集合